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A little Strongspace bash-fu

Last week Brett Terpstra came up with a [simple bash function]( to push any file to your [Public space]( and give back a [TinyURL]( to that file on your clipboard. I cleaned it up a bit and thought it worthy of its own post.

Paste this function into an open Terminal window or add it to the end of `/.profile`. Make sure to substitute `your_username` with your Strongspace username.

function sshare () {
  scp "$1" ss:/strongspace/your_username/public
  tiny=$(curl -s --data-urlencode "url=$url"
  echo -n $tiny | pbcopy && echo $tiny

This function assumes you have a [ssh alias]( named “ss” setup, but it’s not required. It also is more convenient with [password-less ssh authentication](

Now run `sshare some_filename` to push and host any file off to Strongspace, e.g.

`sshare “Ray LaMontagne – Beg Steal or Borrow.mp3″`