Check out Strongsync - a Revolutionary File Provider app for Big Sur and Apple M1

ZFS+rsync = Time Machine in the Cloud

I’m very happy to announce that we’re making public the beta for for the Mac. The app provides continuous realtime backup, currently within a 10 minute window, of any folder on your Mac. It’s dead simple, it’s based on rsync, it’s being developed in public on GitHub and it just works. Here’s a screenshot, simple – right?

Add any other folder, and it gets pushed right up to Strongspace. Once it’s there, you can share any file or folder with one click via the web interface.

In addition, automatically takes a full ZFS snapshot of everything you’re backing up once per hour and thins snapshots out to daily and weekly snapshots, just like Apple Time Machine.

It’s kind of like Time Machine in the cloud – pushing your data safely onto ZFS and letting you share anything, with anyone, using only one click.

Download the latest version here

We’re currently testing builds for Windows and should have a release in a matter of weeks.