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ExpanDrive v2.3 for OS X Lion

ExpanDrive is now fully compatible with OS X Lion. Grab v2.3 via our auto-updater or [right here](

ExpanDrive for Windows v2.0.7

Another bump to our Windows client, fixing a number of bugs that have been reported since release. Grab it on the auto-updater, or below.

[Download ExpanDrive v2.0.7 here]( or via the auto updater.

[Old versions and full release notes here](

ExpanDrive for Windows v2.0.7 – Released June 27th, 2011

  • NEWFiles that begin with “.” are now tagged as hidden
  • FIXEDCorrect installation from limited user accounts, no raises to elevated
  • FIXEDInstaller allows specification of installation location
  • FIXEDFixes for FTP servers which require TLS data connection
  • FIXEDCompatibility fixes for WinSSHD 5.2+
  • FIXEDTray icon could disappear
  • FIXEDIssue causing users to have blank preferences Window
  • FIXEDDelete drive menu option now disabled while drive is being edited

ExpanDrive for Windows v2.0.5

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s of yesterday’s big release comes v2.0.5 with a number of important bug fixes

[Download ExpanDrive v2.0.5 here]( or via the auto updater.

Also, for your reference – you can find [old versions and full release notes here](

ExpanDrive for Windows v2.0.5 – Released June 22nd, 2011

  • FIXEDSome FTPS servers would fail to connect with a message about the server not permitting cleartext control channel
  • FIXEDSome users couldn’t connect to Amazon S3 due to a SignatureDoesNotMatch error
  • FIXEDHorizontal scrollbar no longer shows with lots of drives
  • CHANGEDWhitespace trimmed off of UI fields

ExpanDrive v2.0.3 for Windows

We’ve gotten great feedback during our public beta of ExpanDrive 2 for Windows.

Today we’re releasing a new beta that fixes all known outstanding issues:

* Some text editors were warning that the file had been changed, when it had not. This is fixed.
* Symbolic links to folders are now accessible, even above the mounted path
* Windows XP support was flakey in a couple situations, this has been resolved.

[Download ExpanDrive v2.0.3](

ExpanDrive v2.2 for Mac – 64 bits of awesome

We’re excited to release ExpanDrive v2.2.2 for the Mac! This version should feel much faster for the average user – many improvements have been made to how we handle caching of metadata so that working with larger projects should feel a lot more like working on a local disk. ExpanDrive v2.2 also now fully supports the 64-bit kernel on Snow Leopard and Lion.

This release no longer supports OS 10.4 [Tiger] or users running on the PowerPC architecture. With 10.7 [Lion] around the corner and the last PowerPC mac shipping more than 5 years ago, we need to focus on the future and start to take advantage of features only available in newer versions of OS X.

ExpanDrive for Mac 2.2.2 – Released Apri 14th, 2011

  • NEWMajor speed increase due to enhanced caching of metadata
  • NEWFull 64-bit support. is now a full 64 bit application.
  • NEWPreliminary support for OS 10.7 Lion
  • NEWNo longer depends on MacFUSE
  • NEWIn-app purchasing
  • CHANGEDNo longer supports 10.4 [Tiger] or PPC machines

And a note for our ExpanDrive for Windows users. Development on ExpanDrive 2 for Windows continues to progress rapidly and it is being tested and developed side by side with our Mac client. Thanks for your patience!

Strongspace and Cyberduck for the Mac

[Cyberduck]( is a great free SFTP client that you can use to connect to [Strongspace]( It’s available for both Mac and Windows.

Strongspace & Cyberduck for Mac

Watch this video on YouTube.

One of the benefits of using an SFTP client like [Cyberduck]( or [Transmit]( is that it makes it easy to upload and download entire folders of files at once. They also allow you to easily restart a large upload or download that might’ve been interrupted.

Access Strongspace with Transmit via SFTP

Here is a short screencast showing how to connect to [Strongspace]( using [Transmit]( via SFTP.

Strongspace & Transmit

Watch this video on YouTube.

Commerical support for ZFS on OS X

Found over on the macos-x-server mailing list: It looks like Don Brady, a former senior engineer at Apple, has started a company to finally bring [ZFS to OS X](

His company name is named [Ten’s Compliment]( and he’s on on Twitter as [@tenscomplement](

Very cool! Good luck Don!

ZFS+rsync = Time Machine in the Cloud

I’m very happy to announce that we’re making public the beta for for the Mac. The app provides continuous realtime backup, currently within a 10 minute window, of any folder on your Mac. It’s dead simple, it’s based on rsync, it’s being developed in public on GitHub and it just works. Here’s a screenshot, simple – right?

Add any other folder, and it gets pushed right up to Strongspace. Once it’s there, you can share any file or folder with one click via the web interface.

In addition, automatically takes a full ZFS snapshot of everything you’re backing up once per hour and thins snapshots out to daily and weekly snapshots, just like Apple Time Machine.

It’s kind of like Time Machine in the cloud – pushing your data safely onto ZFS and letting you share anything, with anyone, using only one click.

Download the latest version here

We’re currently testing builds for Windows and should have a release in a matter of weeks.

Strongspace Files API

Here is the API for managing files on Strongspace. Just like the rest of the API, successful API calls return HTTP status codes in the 200s and errors have codes 400 and higher.

Upload a file

POST /api/v1/files/:


$ curl -u hemancuso/token:******* -F file=@jeff.jpg

Will return something like this

{“status”:”file already exists”}
{“status”:”permission denied”}

Download a file
GET /api/v1/files/:path


$ curl -O -u hemancuso/token:*******

Success returns the bytes of the file. In the example above `-O` indicates to write the stream to disk with the inferred name of the remote file.


{“status”:”permission denied”}
{“status”:”not a file”}

Create a Folder
POST /api/v1/files/:path


$ curl -u hemancuso/token:******* -F op=mkdir

Will return something like this

{“status”:”folder already exists”}
{“status”:”permission denied”}

Delete a file or folder

This command deletes a file or *recursively* deletes a folder and everything inside of it.

DELETE /api/v1/files/:path


$ curl -X DELETE -u hemancuso/token:*******

Will return something like this

{“status”:”permission denied”}
{“status”:”you can’t delete an entire space”}

Copy or Move

PUT /api/v1/files/:path
:op=[copy/move] :srcpath=[path, such as /jmancuso/home/original]


curl -X PUT -u hemancuso/token:******* -F op=move -F srcpath=/hemancuso/home/jeff.jpg

Will return something like this

{“status”:”permission denied”}
{“status”:”destination file already exists”}
{“status”:”source doesn’t exist”}