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Rackspace Cloud Files & OpenStack Swift

ExpanDrive 3 Development build 3015 finally builds in support for two often requested drive types – Rackspace Cloud Files and OpenStack Swift. Cloud Files is a popular S3-like durable storage platform run by RackSpace. It is built from the OpenStack Swift project, a very popular solution for deploying a S3-like type storage on premise or as part of a service offering.

ExpanDrive connects scale-out storage platforms like Swift and CEPH to existing solutions, apps and infrastructure. Out of the box Swift and CEPH are products designed to be access via an API, not terrifically useful if you’re trying to migrate off a big iron NetApp Filer. ExpanDrive maps this API to so that it looks and feels just like a USB drive that is accessible from within any application on Mac, Windows [and soon, Linux].

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Windows – Download and Release notes
Mac – Download and Release notes

  • NEWAdded support for Rackspace Cloud Files.
  • NEWAdded support for OpenStack Swift Storage.
  • NEWCreate S3/Swift/Cloud Files buckets from within ExpanDrive. Create a new folder in the drive root. If you create with Finder or Explorer, create the default folder name and rename it.

DreamObjects, CEPH & S3 Endpoints

ExpanDrive 3 build 3014 adds support for Dream Host DreamObjects Cloud storage. DreamObjects is a fantastic cloud storage platform built on top of CEPH, an open source S3-like object store built by Inktank. DreamHost is one of the biggest and most popular website hosting platforms around and is currently running a DreamObjects promo for storage and bandwidth for $0.03/GB, awesome pricing.

With ExpanDrive for DreamObjects you can take what is normally only accesible via API and mount it just like a USB drive in Finder or Windows Explorer. ExpanDrive makes DreamObjects and CEPH available inside every Mac and PC application.

Along with DreamObjects/CEPH support ExpanDrive now supports alternate S3 endpoints. You can use this to connect to alternate S3 regions or other S3-like storage.

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Windows – Download and Release notes
Mac – Download and Release notes

  • NEWAdded support for DreamObjects cloud storage.
  • NEWAlternate S3 endpoints are now supported
  • FIXEDSymbolic links to directories outside out of the drive root work again.
  • FIXEDSmall tweaks on expan tool

Support for Amazon S3 Multi-Part uploads

ExpanDrive 3 development build 3003 is now available with support for Amazon S3 multi-part uploads. This enables much smoother and faster uploads along with the ability to upload keys larger than 5GB. We have also introduced a new connection layer to S3 which pools and re-uses connections to Amazon, drastically reducing latency while browsing around and interacting with the drive.

Additionally, SFTP users on Mac should see a massive throughput increase when on a high speed/LAN connection, 2-3x on average. Windows support for these SFTP improvements will be available in the next build.

ExpanDrive v3003 for Mac
ExpanDrive v3003 for Windows