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ExpanDrive build 3034

ExpanDrive build 3034 is now available for download at or via the auto-updater.

  • NEW Logging! Basic logging is now available from within ExpanDrive to help get a handle on what is going on under the hood.
  • NEWNon-ascii mountpoints & nicknames are now correctly supported.
  • NEW You can now cancel a drive that is in the process of connecting. Good for stopping slow/faulty connections.
  • NEW ExpanDrive makes itself visible int he tray notification area by default.
  • FIXED Remote path setting for S3 drives is now respected
  • FIXED [windows] Scanning directories using wildcards [dir *.pdf] is now working again in all cased

ExpanDrive build 3031

ExpanDrive build 3031 is out now and adds improved support for international filenames and folder on Box, Dropbox and Google Drive as well as fixes a bug that would cause autoreconnect after sleep to prompt for a password on Mac.

ExpanDrive build 3030

ExpanDrive build 3030 is out now adding GUI support for selecting a custom SSH key on the Mac. Keys in ~/.ssh are still automatically picked up, but this helps if you have a connection that uses a different key for some reason. This build also fixes a few issues with FTP on Windows as well as prompting for input on Windows.

Support for Google Drive and

ExpanDrive now supports connecting directly to Google Drive and! While both of these services quite obviously come with their own sync client, ExpanDrive lets you connect to them and access all your data from within Finder, Explorer or any app without having to sync the entire contents of the account to your machine. Access everything on demand without taking up local storage.

Please send all feedback to rather than leaving a blog comment.

Windows – Download and Release notes
Mac – Download and Release notes

  • NEWSupport for Google Drive
  • NEWSupport for
  • NEWRetina icon for the Mac
  • FIXEDA refresh Finder button has been added to the statusbar menu to force Finder to notice new files.
  • FIXEDReconnect while waking from sleep has been improved for the mat

ExpanDrive build 3024

ExpanDrive 3 build 3024 is out, fixing a variety of small issues. The most notable outward change is that we now let the user select which type of FTPS encryption they want to use [login only, full, or none]. We are still hard at work on Google Drive and support – expect it in the next couple weeks!

Please send all feedback to rather than leaving a blog comment.

Windows – Download and Release notes
Mac – Download and Release notes

  • NEWSpecify the encryption style/mode for FTPS
  • NEWConfirm before deleting drive
  • FIXED.DS_Store files were sometimes getting stored on FTP servers
  • FIXEDFixed Release/Beta channel toggle
  • FIXEDRemove random line across the Mac UI
  • FIXEDFixed dependency failure on Win2008
  • FIXEDDefault umask on SFTP is now 777 on both platforms
  • FIXEDFix blank UI issue
  • FIXEDFixed an issue where a drive could get stuck if you cancelled a password prompt
  • FIXEDFixed activating an expired trial

ExpanDrive build 3022

ExpanDrive 3 build 3022 is out, changing or fixing a variety of small things noticed in the past week of wider distribution along with improving compatibility for FTP and WebDAV. Thanks to everyone who helped test and everyone who reported issues.

Please send all feedback to rather than leaving a blog comment.

Windows – Download and Release notes
Mac – Download and Release notes

  • FIXEDFixed OSXFUSE runtime mismatch error on Mac
  • FIXEDFixed a compatibility issue where servers would not drop to a cleartext control channel.
  • FIXEDPassword saving bug on S3 for Mac is gone
  • FIXEDS3 accounts with buckets in different regions now correctly supported
  • FIXEDTrigger “Save change” on paste in UI
  • FIXEDWon’t reveal in Explorer until drive has been fully on Windows
  • FIXEDWindow maximize now correctly functioning on multi-mon Windows setups
  • FIXEDEditPlus and Dreamweaver compatibility fixed
  • FIXEDMuch improved WebDAV compatibility, thanks for the test accounts everyone.
  • FIXEDCorrectly draw window border when shadows aren’t enabled on Windows
  • FIXEDProxy detection for UI on Windows, clear up some activation errors
  • FIXEDOver-agressive email validation for trial now gone
  • CHANGEDS3/CloudFiles/Dropbox/Swift/Dream Objects all now report 16TB of free space
  • CHANGEDInform Windows that we are a case-sensitive filesystem
  • CHANGEDClear server field when changing drive type
  • NEWUpdated Strongfuse fork use to OSXFUSE 2.5.6

Introducing ExpanDrive 3: Dropbox, Rackspace, OpenStack, WebDAV, DreamObjects and more

I’m proud to announce that ExpanDrive 3 has been released. Many thanks to those who participated in the public beta and development process. ExpanDrive 3 sports a beautiful new user-interface and support for many more drive types such as Dropbox, OpenStack, Rackspace and WebDAV. Everything you already love has been improved. Download ExpanDrive 3 from our website or from the auto-updater within ExpanDrive. This update is available to all existing customers for $19.95 through the end of May and free to try out for 1 week. Those who purchased in 2013 are being upgraded automatically for free.

New Drive Types

  • Dropbox – connect as a network drive!
  • WebDAV
  • Rackspace Cloud Files
  • OpenStack Swift
  • Dreamhost DreamObjects
  • Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box and more coming soon
  • Awesome new UI

  • Fully compatible with Windows 8
  • Beautiful Metro-style UI on Windows
  • Clean and simple new user interface
  • Context menu in Finder and Explorer
  • Command-line interface
  • Major improvements

  • Huge speed increases in transfers
  • Improved responsiveness & browsing
  • Alternate S3 endpoints
  • S3 multi-part uploads
  • Large object support on S3
  • Along with everything you see here, development continues on support for other providers such as Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive. We post regular updates on our Facebook page and this blog if you’re interested in staying up to date.

    ExpanDrive build 3018

    ExpanDrive 3 Development build 3018 is out, fixing a couple import bugs with international filenames and renaming files on WebDAV and Dropbox.

    Please send all feedback to rather than leaving a blog comment.

    Windows – Download and Release notes
    Mac – Download and Release notes

    • FIXEDFixed renaming on certain WebDAV endpoints
    • FIXEDUTF-8 decode issues in WebDAV
    • FIXEDRenaming files in side a folder on Dropbox

    ExpanDrive adds Dropbox Support

    ExpanDrive 3 Development build 3017 integrates support for Dropbox! Now you can directly mount Dropbox as a network drive and access all of your files without needing to sync everything down. This is great if you have a large Dropbox and and limited space on your PC. It also let’s you have native access to multiple Dropbox’s on a single machine, something not possible with the official client.

    Please send all feedback to rather than leaving a blog comment.

    Windows – Download and Release notes
    Mac – Download and Release notes

    • NEWAdded support for Dropbox!
    • fixedFixed WebDAV and Swift connecting on alternate ports