Our Story

Opening a File in Through ExpanDrive
Dave, Jeff and Jonathan started ExpanDrive in a Stanford University dorm in 2004 right before completing our degrees in Computer Science. We wanted to make awesome software that solved difficult technical problems rather than chasing the flavor of the week in tech. That fall we relocated to Boston to work on our first product, SFTPDrive. A fast network filesystem for Windows that could mount SFTP. Some of our earliest customers used SFTPDrive to connect to the Strongspace online storage service. In August of 2009 we acquired Strongspace from Joyent and have been developing it since.

We are proud to say that ExpanDrive, Inc. has never taken outside funding and is a profitable independent software company.


Phone: +1 (617)-401-7570

Fax: +1 (617)-507-6183

E-mail: support@expandrive.com

Refund Policy

We offer refunds on purchases for 30 days after sale—but we’d much rather help solve whatever issues you’re having! Please e-mail us with any issues.