Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is a Google service which is suitable for large scale data, big data applications, and backups.

You can use ExpanDrive to connect to your object storage cloud powered by Google. You connect to Google Cloud Storage using your Google credentials.

Why ExpanDrive:

ExpanDrive gives you the opportunity to connect to your Google Cloud Storage using a familiar file browser interface native to your OS.

To connect to Google Cloud Storage

  1. From the ExpanDrive window, click on Add.
  2. Click on Google Cloud Storage. The Google authorization screen is displayed. You can then sign in to your Google account.
  3. google cloud 1

    After you accept the terms and login to your Google account, the cloud storage configuration screen is displayed.

    google cloud 5

  4. Configure the fields as described in the table below.
  5. Parameter Description
    username username for your Google account.
    project number Project Number associated with your Google Cloud storage Project.

    1. Project Number: 647837005782
    nickname optional nickname to identify the connection.
    drive letter drive letter that you would like to use to connect to the Google Cloud Storage service.
  6. Click on Save.
  7. Return to the Main Screen of ExpanDrive by clicking on the ExpanDrive icon in the system tray.
  8. Click on the Connect icon connect icon to connect to your storage.

ExpanDrive connects to the service, and the file browser interface native to your OS will open upon a successful connection.