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ExpanDrive 2 for Windows – FTP and S3, blazing fast SFTP

Nearly 5 years in the making – we are EXTREMELY excited to finally release [ExpanDrive 2 for Windows]( This is a major update in almost every way. ExpanDrive 2 adds support for plain FTP, FTP and Amazon S3 and our own [Strongspace Online Storage]( service. It boasts an all-new SFTP engine that should dramatically improve speed in both transfer and browsing. Along with the new drive types, the UI has been completely re-written to be much sexier, more intuitive and less complicated. We think you’ll really enjoy it.

[Download ExpanDrive v2.0.4 now! Free 30-day Trial](

A quick rundown of the major features:

* Sexy new interface. Simple and intuitive, even more than before.
* Blazing fast new SFTP layer.
* FTP and FTPS drives!
* Amazon S3 drives!
* Massively increased speed and throughout
* Dynamic reconnect support – always stay connected
* [Pagaent]( Support for SSH keys
* On-disk data-cache for frequently accessed files.
* All new metadata-cache – faster browsing around.
* New filesystem driver
* Innumerable fixes and enhancements for MS Office sharing/locking
* Frequent updates – and a working auto updater

ExpanDrive 2 finally unifies our Mac and Windows products into one, in no small part through the magic of [python]( We can finally develop simultaneously on both platforms, with ease.

If you’ve already purchased a ExpanDrive 2 license for your Mac – that license is good for this Windows client. As of V2, our licenses are cross-platform. An upgrade license is $19.95 until the end of this week, and $24.95 thereafter.

A couple screenshots of the new UI in action.

Please send any feedback to []( and we’ll help out as fast as we can.