ExpanDrive 2 for Windows – FTP and S3, blazing fast SFTP

Nearly 5 years in the making – we are EXTREMELY excited to finally release [ExpanDrive 2 for Windows](http://www.expandrive.com). This is a major update in almost every way. ExpanDrive 2 adds support for plain FTP, FTP and Amazon S3 and our own [Strongspace Online Storage](http://www.strongspace.com) service. It boasts an all-new SFTP engine that should dramatically improve speed in both transfer and browsing. Along with the new drive types, the UI has been completely re-written to be much sexier, more intuitive and less complicated. We think you’ll really enjoy it.

[Download ExpanDrive v2.0.4 now! Free 30-day Trial](http://www.expandrive.com/ExpanDrive.exe)

A quick rundown of the major features:

* Sexy new interface. Simple and intuitive, even more than before.
* Blazing fast new SFTP layer.
* FTP and FTPS drives!
* Amazon S3 drives!
* Massively increased speed and throughout
* Dynamic reconnect support – always stay connected
* [Pagaent](http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html) Support for SSH keys
* On-disk data-cache for frequently accessed files.
* All new metadata-cache – faster browsing around.
* New filesystem driver
* Innumerable fixes and enhancements for MS Office sharing/locking
* Frequent updates – and a working auto updater

ExpanDrive 2 finally unifies our Mac and Windows products into one, in no small part through the magic of [python](http://blog.expandrive.com/2008/03/26/high-leverage-development/). We can finally develop simultaneously on both platforms, with ease.

If you’ve already purchased a ExpanDrive 2 license for your Mac – that license is good for this Windows client. As of V2, our licenses are cross-platform. An upgrade license is $19.95 until the end of this week, and $24.95 thereafter.

A couple screenshots of the new UI in action.

Please send any feedback to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and we’ll help out as fast as we can.

  • William Swanson

    Wow, this is much nicer than I expected. I was hoping for something with a couple ui tweaks a few less bugs, but this pretty much re-defines the whole ExpanDrive experience. Great work!

  • http://www.mirin.cz koubel

    I buy an upgrade, but I have big troubles with an registration and there is also some issues with an installation location I think, I sent mail to support I’m looking forward for an feedback

  • Don

    I take it – and I’m not complaining, just asking – that licenses are no longer free with Strongspace accounts?

  • http://www.expandrive.com Jeff Mancuso

    They are free for paying strongspace accounts. But as of this very second, that feature hasn’t been re-integrated into V2. It’s coming very soon.

  • Don

    Aha, good to know! So long as it makes it before 30 days from now I’ll be golden :) Thanks Jeff!

  • Don

    I don’t think soon means what you think it means. It’s July 26 now and my trial expired, leaving me unable to do any work without going and paying the $20 upgrade fee. I don’t really mind making that payment – I get that much functionality from it and am a holdover from the TextDrive acquisition so I don’t feel like I am entitled to it – but I have to be honest that it kinda twists my shorts to be told I’m going to get something and then not get it.

    The price of a few burgers isn’t going to change my life in any meaningful way but someone telling me they’re going to do something and then failing to do so impacts my opinion of them.

  • http://www.expandrive.com Jeff Mancuso

    Don – sorry about that. I don’t see your original order that would’ve qualified you for a free upgrade to V2. If I missed it, please shoot an email.