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ExpanDrive 3 Development Channel

ExpanDrive 3 has been under development a while now. It’s going to be an awesome release a ton of new features, improvements and fixes. But more on that in another post.

ExpanDrive has long included the facilities to auto-update itself to the latest version. We also give users the ability to try out beta versions if they subscribe to the beta release channel. We’re taking this one step further and rolling out a Development channel where you can get the very latest features and fixes as they are being developed.

Our goal is to get features and fixes into the hands of users as quickly as they are done and establish a tight feedback loop between our development and the needs of our customers. We plan to push in the new features and fixes on a near-daily regular basis.

ExpanDrive 3 for Mac – Development Channel
ExpanDrive 3 for Windows – Development Channel

We have just released the first builds of ExpanDrive 3, with most of the changes currently targeted at Windows client. We finally officially Windows 8 and have also built in some dramatic improvements to the responsiveness of the connection. Over the next days we will be rolling in our new multi-part transfer engine for S3 access for both Mac and Windows, dramatically improving the experience of uploading huge files. And like I said, this is just getting going.