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ExpanDrive and the Mac App Store

Yesterday Apple announced that the App Store was coming to the Mac. Exciting news for app developers, but much more exciting for the [3.89 million]( new Mac owners every quarter trying to discover, install and keep software up to date. Not unsurprisingly, there is a laundry list of restrictions and requirements for apps trying to make it into the App Store. That list, while not yet formally published, has been [leaked]( It looks as if section 2.18 will keep apps that rely on kernel extensions, like ExpanDrive, which relies on [MacFUSE](, out of the App Store or require developers to create watered down App Store Only forks of their product.

Section 2.18:
> Apps that install kexts will be rejected

We hope this means “Apps that install kernel extensions globally into /System will be rejected” (which we currently do) and not “Apps that load non-Apple kernel extensions will be rejected” If this is an issue about packaging, then namespacing a kernel extension to an app and keeping it inside the bundle is a reasonable request and and something we’ll likely do anyways. It would be a real disappointment if Apple starts to lock down the Mac as it continues to progress towards iOS/OS X unity. Perhaps this is much ado about nothing and it’ll merely require us not to install anything globally, but it’s hard to imagine that will be the case.