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ExpanDrive build 3022

ExpanDrive 3 build 3022 is out, changing or fixing a variety of small things noticed in the past week of wider distribution along with improving compatibility for FTP and WebDAV. Thanks to everyone who helped test and everyone who reported issues.

Please send all feedback to rather than leaving a blog comment.

Windows – Download and Release notes
Mac – Download and Release notes

  • FIXEDFixed OSXFUSE runtime mismatch error on Mac
  • FIXEDFixed a compatibility issue where servers would not drop to a cleartext control channel.
  • FIXEDPassword saving bug on S3 for Mac is gone
  • FIXEDS3 accounts with buckets in different regions now correctly supported
  • FIXEDTrigger “Save change” on paste in UI
  • FIXEDWon’t reveal in Explorer until drive has been fully on Windows
  • FIXEDWindow maximize now correctly functioning on multi-mon Windows setups
  • FIXEDEditPlus and Dreamweaver compatibility fixed
  • FIXEDMuch improved WebDAV compatibility, thanks for the test accounts everyone.
  • FIXEDCorrectly draw window border when shadows aren’t enabled on Windows
  • FIXEDProxy detection for UI on Windows, clear up some activation errors
  • FIXEDOver-agressive email validation for trial now gone
  • CHANGEDS3/CloudFiles/Dropbox/Swift/Dream Objects all now report 16TB of free space
  • CHANGEDInform Windows that we are a case-sensitive filesystem
  • CHANGEDClear server field when changing drive type
  • NEWUpdated Strongfuse fork use to OSXFUSE 2.5.6