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ExpanDrive for Windows v2.0.5

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s of yesterday’s big release comes v2.0.5 with a number of important bug fixes

[Download ExpanDrive v2.0.5 here]( or via the auto updater.

Also, for your reference – you can find [old versions and full release notes here](

ExpanDrive for Windows v2.0.5 – Released June 22nd, 2011

  • FIXEDSome FTPS servers would fail to connect with a message about the server not permitting cleartext control channel
  • FIXEDSome users couldn’t connect to Amazon S3 due to a SignatureDoesNotMatch error
  • FIXEDHorizontal scrollbar no longer shows with lots of drives
  • CHANGEDWhitespace trimmed off of UI fields