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ExpanDrive for Windows v2.0.7

Another bump to our Windows client, fixing a number of bugs that have been reported since release. Grab it on the auto-updater, or below.

[Download ExpanDrive v2.0.7 here]( or via the auto updater.

[Old versions and full release notes here](

ExpanDrive for Windows v2.0.7 – Released June 27th, 2011

  • NEWFiles that begin with “.” are now tagged as hidden
  • FIXEDCorrect installation from limited user accounts, no raises to elevated
  • FIXEDInstaller allows specification of installation location
  • FIXEDFixes for FTP servers which require TLS data connection
  • FIXEDCompatibility fixes for WinSSHD 5.2+
  • FIXEDTray icon could disappear
  • FIXEDIssue causing users to have blank preferences Window
  • FIXEDDelete drive menu option now disabled while drive is being edited