ExpanDrive for Windows v2.0.9

Some important fixes for users whose text editors had been complaining of a file changed when it wasn’t – also a bunch of browsing and caching improvements that should really help speed up a few cases that have slowed down in our 2.0 release.

[Download ExpanDrive v2.0.9 here](http://www.expandrive.com/ExpanDrive.exe) or via the auto updater.

[Old versions and full release notes here](http://www.expandrive.com/release_notes.html).

Please send all support questions to [support@expandrive.com](mailto:support@expandrive.com)

ExpanDrive for Windows v2.0.9 – Released July 8th, 2011

  • NEWBig speed improvements in browsing and in editing of large projects under SFTP
  • FIXEDFixed Pageant and keyboard-interactive auth failures in SFTP
  • FIXEDFixed a number of FTPS compatibility issues
  • CHANGEDLocal data cache now lives in %LOCALAPPDATA%\ExpanDrive instead of the roaming profile.

  • http://benjaminjurke.net Benjamin Jurke

    Just opened a Thread in the ExpanDrive support forum.

  • Michael Pfister

    While I would love switching over to v2 I had to downgrade to v1.8.4 again
    It’s not the speed that made me think something is completely broken in v2 but the fact it corrupts all my files when copying them over from an Unix Server (Ubuntu 10.04) to Win7 x64 using SFTP.

    In v1.8.4 I never experienced such an issue while v2 is nothing but disappointing :(

  • Anonymous

    Not good – please email support [again] if you haven’t already. We’re unaware of any issue that could cause corruption.

  • Michael Pfister

    This issue seems to be fixed in v 2.1.5 so I was finally able switching over to ExpanDrive 2.

  • Gravitalsun

    setting for custom permissions on new files is disappeared.
    tree view of saved connections is disappeared.
    and finally the worst; sftp is so slow (at least at windows), a simple benchmark with the well known free utility will be very revealing for your engineers.
    you have to do something, fast …