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ExpanDrive for Windows v2.2

ExpanDrive v2.2 brings a bunch of small new features plus one important bug fix.

ExpanDrive for Windows v2.2 – Released October 18th, 2011

  • FIXEDFixed issue leading some editors to incorrectly detect new file changes
  • NEWBasic command line interface for connect and eject
  • NEWUpdated Filesystem driver [reboot required to finish install]
  • NEWSecure HTTP [HTTPS] is now the default transport mechanism for Amazon S3
  • NEWUsername prompting when not saved with the drive
  • NEWFull support for multi-stage keyboard interactive and multi-factor authentication
  • NEWSupport directory listing masks [*.txt;*.pdf etc]

To connect a drive via the commandline:

expandrive.exe connect drive_nickname
expandrive.exe connect drive_servername

To eject a drive via the commandline:

expandrive.exe eject drive_nickname
expandrive.exe eject drive_servername

[Download ExpanDrive v2.2 here]( or via the auto updater.

Old versions and full release notes [here]( Please send all support questions to [](