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ExpanDrive v2.2 for Mac – 64 bits of awesome

We’re excited to release ExpanDrive v2.2.2 for the Mac! This version should feel much faster for the average user – many improvements have been made to how we handle caching of metadata so that working with larger projects should feel a lot more like working on a local disk. ExpanDrive v2.2 also now fully supports the 64-bit kernel on Snow Leopard and Lion.

This release no longer supports OS 10.4 [Tiger] or users running on the PowerPC architecture. With 10.7 [Lion] around the corner and the last PowerPC mac shipping more than 5 years ago, we need to focus on the future and start to take advantage of features only available in newer versions of OS X.

ExpanDrive for Mac 2.2.2 – Released Apri 14th, 2011

  • NEWMajor speed increase due to enhanced caching of metadata
  • NEWFull 64-bit support. is now a full 64 bit application.
  • NEWPreliminary support for OS 10.7 Lion
  • NEWNo longer depends on MacFUSE
  • NEWIn-app purchasing
  • CHANGEDNo longer supports 10.4 [Tiger] or PPC machines

And a note for our ExpanDrive for Windows users. Development on ExpanDrive 2 for Windows continues to progress rapidly and it is being tested and developed side by side with our Mac client. Thanks for your patience!