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ExpanDrive v2.4 released

We’re happy to announce ExpanDrive v2.4 for Mac and Windows. This is the first time we’ve released simultaneously on both platforms, which we’re fairly excited about and we intend this to be the pattern going forward, when applicable. You can grab it at at or via the auto-updater.

  • NEWUpdated Filesystem driver
  • NEWCompletely unified codebase with Mac client
  • NEWInstaller now uninstalls previous version prior to upgrade
  • NEWSession logging available in help menu for debugging
  • NEWImproved support for OS X 10.8
  • NEWMuch Faster Mounts/Unmounts
  • FIXEDIssue with FTPS had been introduced in beta 1
  • FIXEDPageant sometimes failed to connect if a tmpdir wasn’t present
  • FIXEDThere was a dependency missing in the latest beta that is now included. Only effects some systems.
  • CHANGEDUpdated Filesystem Driver
  • CHANGEDMuch lighter distribution
  • CHANGEDInternal update to Python 2.7

As usual, please send any questions/comments/bug reports to rather than commenting on this post.