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Introducing ExpanDrive 4

I’m happy to announce that we’ve shipped ExpanDrive 4, our best update yet – by far. ExpanDrive 4 is dramatically faster for nearly every common use. It does this by moving the actual file transfers into the background so you can keep working. In the past, when you hit save from within an editor like Sublime Text or Photoshop, you wait until the file is done uploading until you can keep working. But with ExpanDrive 4, everything is handled in the the background so you can keep on working.background transfer
When you hit save, it saves instantly. ExpanDrive takes care of the rest. We’ve also added support for even more cloud storage providers. ExpanDrive 4 adds support for Microsoft OneDrive,,HP Helion Cloud, Owncloud and hubiC. If you haven’t checked in lately, we support a pretty impressive array of providers. Most Cloud Storage providers give very generous free offerings, letting you host tens of gigabytes safely in their datacenter. Using ExpanDrive you can backup or offload your content as easily as using a USB Drive.

Along with background saves we’ve also dramatically improved throughput in every protocol. Upload and deleting large groups of files is 5-10x faster in most scenarios. We utilize multiple threads and connection pooling in the background in our new transfer engine. SFTP throughput is double to triple in our testing in the office, saturating a gig-e connection.

ExpanDrive has come a long way since we first started on “SFTPDrive” back in 2004. We’ve added support for a wide variety of Cloud Storage providers. We’ve added support for the Mac and will soon be launching support for Linux in our upcoming server edition. Thanks for all the support and feedback over the years, we’re happy to have you all as our customers.