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Introducing ExpanDrive 5

We’ve just released ExpanDrive 5. It adds support for Amazon Cloud Drive, an awesome storage service from Amazon which offers unlimited storage. ExpanDrive 5 is near-total rewrite of our core functionality. It’s dramatically faster – up to 10x in many common scenarios. ExpanDrive quickly and reliably transfers in the background while you continue to work, allowing you to save files without waiting.

Amazon Drive

ExpanDrive has been around for over ten years now. For v5 we decided to rebuild our core functionality. Our most popular drive types, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, S3, and Openstack, have been completely overhauled. Our new SFTP/FTP layer is in beta for v5.1 and is coming soon. ExpanDrive now operates in a durable hybrid online/offline mode where you can rely on ExpanDrive always being active and transferring when connected. This makes ExpanDrive look and feel like a local disk despite an often slow connection to the cloud. Transfers that get interrupted are restarted the next time you connect. It’s easily the best version of ExpanDrive ever.

If you haven’t checked out ExpanDrive lately, we support a huge array of cloud storage providers Microsoft OneDrive & OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, ownCloud and many more. Most Cloud Storage providers give very generous free offerings, letting you host tens of gigabytes safely in their datacenter. Using ExpanDrive you can backup or offload your content as easily as using a USB Drive.

Drive Types

ExpanDrive’s user interface has been updated with a modern look and feel, and we’ve also deployed a new icon. You can now easily see transferring status from our tray icon so you can quickly know what is going on.


Download ExpanDrive 5 from our website or from the auto-updater within ExpanDrive. This update is available to all existing customers for $24.95 through the end of July and free to try out for 1 week. If you bought ExpanDrive 4 after May 1st, your key has been upgraded for free.

Additionally, we’re finishing off our Linux/server version, coming later this summer. If you’re interested in tesing on Linux or Windows server, please email Thanks!