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Managing files via the command-line

We just pushed out version 0.0.5 of our [Strongspace Ruby Gem]( and command line utility – this adds the ability to upload, download, mkdir and delete files and folders from the command line. Since it is all in Ruby it works great on Mac, Windows, Linux and Solaris or wherever else you’ve got Ruby.

To install or update run `sudo gem install strongspace`

The updated command set:

$ strongspace help
=== General Commands
help # show this usage
version # show the gem version

upload # upload a file
download # download a file from Strongspace to the current directory
mkdir # create a folder on Strongspace
delete # delete a file or recursively delete a folder on Strongspace

keys # show your user’s public keys
keys:add [] # add a public key
keys:remove # remove a key by id
keys:clear # remove all keys

spaces # show your user’s spaces
spaces:create [type] # add a new space. type => (normal,public,backup)
spaces:delete [type] # remove a space by and destroy its data
spaces:snapshots # show a space’s snapshots
spaces:create_snapshot # take a space of a space.
spaces:delete_snapshot # remove a snapshot from a space