Map (mount) an Amazon S3 bucket on Windows or Mac and Windows as a fast network drive for free

Amazon S3 is Amazon’s cloud storage offering. It was the the service that of what is now Amazon Web Services, originally launched in 2009. S3 is unlike Dropbox or other consume-oriented cloud storage services in that it is primarily driven by an API. There is a fairly basic web interface, but other than that the only way to get data in and out of it is via the API. ExpanDrive is an S3 Client for macOS and Windows that turns Amazon S3 into a fast network drive. Give it a try – ExpanDrive runs on macOS 10.9 up through High Sierra 10.13 as well as Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows server. ExpanDrive also works great in RDP/Terminal services environments.

Download ExpanDrive for free – supports Mac & Windows

Mount S3 as a Network Drive with ExpanDrive

ExpanDrive supports a wide variety of cloud storage backends via their API, abstracting away the details of the the Amazon S3 API so you can access your files directly from Finder or Explorer.  You can even save to S3 directly from applications like Photoshop or Microsoft Office. ExpanDrive turns S3 into an infinite sized external online hard drive and also lets you browse and access your existing datasets with ease.


Creating a virtual online harddrive with Amazon S3

Amazon provides a simple guide to get started. You’ll need an AWS account as well as a bucket. From there, you’ll want to get your API keys to authenticate with ExpanDrive. My good friend Stefan at Haystack Software has a nice guide on how to get the keys. You can also use an IAM user with ExpanDrive.

ExpanDrive Openstack Mac
Click Save or Connect and you’re good to go. Amazon S3 will now be visible as a network drive whenever you login to your computer. Drag and drop files to copy them out to the cloud. Or stream movies and media directly from S3 without needing to first download or sync them. For more information, check our documentation page on connecting ExpanDrive to S3.

Download ExpanDrive for free

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