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Multi-user Strongspace collaboration with Spaces

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Strongspace has top level folders called Spaces. You’ll see your spaces listed in the sidebar on left-hand side of the files browser. Think of them as regular folders that you can set special permissions so that you can collaborate on your data both via the web or SFTP. You can even set up a shared network drive using [ExpanDrive]( Create a new space by clicking the plus button ‘‘ to the right of “Your Spaces” and picking a name.

### Adding a collaborator to a space

Giving a friend, family member or co-worker access to a space is simple. Click the gear icon ‘‘ next to person you want to share your data with and hit “Add.” An invitation will be sent to the email address you typed, prompting the user to set a new password. They now have their own [free] Strongspace account along with access to the data you shared with them.

### Connecting via SFTP/rsync to a shared space

Let’s say that the user “expandrive” shared their home space with you. To get at that data via SFTP you’d connect to the server `` and the data would be at the path `/strongspace/expandrive/home`

### The Future of Spaces
Right now spaces are just folders in the top level of your filesystem. Going forward we’ll be introducing fancy spaces that have a variety of cool features attached to them. The first of these fancy spaces is actually your [Public space](/blog/simple-asset-hosting-with-your-public-space) – it has the property that all the contents are automatically shared/hosted to the world by default. Our plan is to introduce fancy spaces for photo galleries, music, source code repositories and more.