Multiple OneDrive Accounts on Mac or Windows

Microsoft’s office OneDrive client and the Windows built-in client are only able to connect to a single OneDrive or Sharepoint account. This makes sense for most people. If you want to connect to multiple accounts at the same time ExpanDrive for Mac and Windows is an amazing option. You can access your content on demand without needing to sync anything.

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Version 6.4.5 for macOS and Windows
Released Feb 15th, 2019

Connect Two OneDrive Accounts at the same time

It’s not uncommon for people to have a OneDrive for Business account for work or school and also have a personal OneDrive account on their own. With multiple accounts your only option to move data in and out of both of those is using the browser. This might be fine for occasional use, but any serious user relies on native access to their files. Having on demand access from Finder or Explorer is essential.

System Requirements

ExpanDrive requires macOS 10.9 or newer and supports Microsoft Windows 7 through Windows 10. Windows Server is also supported as well as RDP/Terminal services environments. ExpanDrive can isolate multiple users logged into the same machine so they each have their own view of cloud storage.