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Securely share files with shareable links on Strongspace

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Strongspace is a great place for [secure offsite backup]( over SFTP and rsync. But it’s a lot more fun to be able to share your files with friends, family and co-workers – what fun is backing up your iTunes library if you can’t easily pass a song to a friend? We’ve recently pushed a feature which lets you securely share any file in your Strongspace with a unique secure link. Simply hover over any file and a link button appears

Click the link button and you’ll get a popup where you can grab a secure link to that file. Send this link to whoever you want and they can download the file without a Strongspace account.

You will also notice the “Shared Links” tab at the end of your list of Spaces – clicking there will let you manage and remove shared links you have handed out.

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding the ability to set passwords on files as well as provide automatic link expiration. Also, if you’re not familiar you should really check out [Passion Pit](