SftpDrive becomes ExpanDrive for Windows

In January of 2009, [Magnetk LLC](http://www.magnetk.com) reincorporated as [ExpanDrive, Inc](http://www.expandrive.com). While we liked our unpronounceable, vaguely memorable, certainly misspelled moniker – it was time rebrand around a better name that better reflects the direction we’re headed.


It will be a little while longer before [ExpanDrive for Windows](http://www.expandrive.com/windows) supports more than just SFTP and achieves parity with [ExpanDrive for Mac](http://www.expandrive.com/mac), but we’re committed to co-developing these two products, and at some point, releasing a Linux version.

Today we’re releasing version 1.8.2 – the first major revision in about a year. Full release notes can be found [here](http://www.expandrive.com/windows/release_notes.html). We apologize for how long it took to make this revision – our development on [ExpanDrive for Windows](http://www.expandrive.com/windows) was slowed while we got our Mac client out the door. However, as 2009 progresses, we aim to consolidate the two products further and work towards feature parity. We’re not going to announce a timeline for the work, but it certainly is a top priority.

[Version 1.8.2](http://www.expandrive.com/windows/release_notes.html) adds many important features and fixes

  • Renamed SftpDrive to ExpanDrive for Windows
  • Fixed major issue where Windows Explorer would sometimes crash while SftpDrive was loaded
  • Dramatically improved performance of interaction+save with all MS Office Applications
  • Support for Window 7 and Vista 64
  • Fixed major bug where some applications, notably Emacs, would suspect a file had been modified on disk, but hadn’t
  • Updated licensing to match ExpanDrive for Mac
  • Update Network Provider component for much better interaction with environments with DFS
  • Many performance and stability improvements
  • Fixed issue where some licenses would not correctly get installed
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