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Simple hosting with your Public Space

… re-blogged from our [Strongspace Blog](

Strongspace lets you [grab a unique link]( to any file on Strongspace – but it also provides a simple Public Space, where all files are shared by default and are accessible by filename, if you know it. This makes for nice and simple asset hosting where you can easily toss files up to Strongspace with [rsync](, SFTP or SCP and then have a known link to that file without having to interact with the service. Here is an example:

Push an image to Strongspace
>$ scp lost_in_translation.jpg ss:/strongspace/expandrive/public

Now grab it using Safari

>$ open [](

That was easy. You can still use the [link button]( to grab the public link to this file

Coming soon we’ll provide the ability to browse folders as well as send down index files so you can serve up things such as sites generated with [iWeb](