Some Foursquare Badges I’d Like to See

Don’t get me wrong, Foursquare is a fun little social network and beautifully adapted to the iPhone platform. But their points system incentivizes some activities that I think are detrimental to the environment as a whole.

So in the interests of making things more awesome, I’ve designed some Foursquare Badges intended to shame users into more appropriate behaviors:

A must-have if the Boston Top 10 is any indication.

You’re checking into the venue “Phone Booth in front of Whole Foods” from your cell phone?

Obviously, Foursquare would have to add a relationship status for this to work.

For the Mayor of your local “Starbucsk Coffee”.

Make friends with Cosmo on Foursquare and buy some shirts or mugs featuring these sweet badges.

  • Mat

    Brilliant! I love it, and I love foursquare…

  • Anonymous

    Is there one for ripping off other people’s designs? “Heartless Bastard” looks an awful lot like

  • Uncle Fishbits


    Well played master Anon.

    Anon delivers.

  • Uncle Fishbits

    BTW – this thing is HILARIOUS. I adore the game, and the humor involved with it. I half expect to see these things. Well done.

  • njudah


  • Cosmo Catalano

    @Anon—I assure you the design is original, or at least as original as such simple art can get.

  • James

    Those are hilarious!

    I made some homemade foursquare badges myself recently, they aren’t as funny as yours, but you may enjoy the “Get Punched In The Head By A Friend” badge I earned this last month.