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Strongspace API and command-line utility

We’ve been working hard for the past couple weeks putting together a REST API for Strongspace and I’m going to write a series of posts this week documenting and showing how to use it. The easiest way to get going is to try out our [Gem]( which includes a command-line utility named ‘strongspace’. To install the gem fire up a terminal and type

`gem install strongspace`

This installs the Strongspace library and makes accessible a `strongspace` command that you can call

`$ strongspace help` prints a list of available commands

=== General Commands

help # show this usage
version # show the gem version

keys # show your user’s public keys
keys:add [] # add a public key
keys:remove # remove a key by id
keys:clear # remove all keys

spaces # show your user’s spaces
spaces:create [type] # add a new space. type => (normal,public,backup)
spaces:destroy [type] # remove a space by and destroy its data
spaces:snapshots # show a space’s snapshots
spaces:create_snapshot # take a space of a space.
spaces:destroy_snapshot # remove a snapshot from a space

Much more coming soon, stay tuned.