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Time Machine in the Cloud… for Windows?

I’m happy to announce our [Strongspace app]( is now available for Windows. It shares the same [core]( as our Mac client and it provides continuous backup within a 10 minute window – pushing only the incremental changes to Strongspace and taking a ZFS snapshot of your data on the hour.

Getting it going is as simple as selecting what you’d like backed up.

You can any folder on your machine and it gets pushed right out to Strongspace. This is based on [rsync]( and ssh (encrypted and compressed transmission) and the core is being developed in public on [GitHub]( This is an early version and is likely to have a bug or two – send feedback to []( and make sure to install the automatic updates as they come in.

Download [StrongspaceSetup.exe v0.3.6 for Windows]( and get backing up!