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Type less with a Strongspace SSH alias

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If you have a long Strongspace username and are regularly accessing Strongspace from command-line tools you’ll often be typing out something like `` in your commands. After a while this can be a bit cumbersome. To save yourself a lot of typing you can replace that entire string with a short SSH alias such as `ss`. Combine that with with [SSH Key authentication]( and you’ve got a recipe for friction-free transfer to and from Strongspace.

To create an SSH alias on Mac or Linux:

1. Open up your Terminal application
2. Open ~/.ssh/config with your favorite text editor. If you don’t have a favorite editor you can use TextEdit which comes with your Mac `open -a TextEdit ~/.ssh/config`
3. I am going to name my alias to Strongspace `ss`. Call yours whatever you’d like. Add the following 3 lines:

>Host ss
>    HostName
>    User your_username

4. You can now use the alias `ss` whenever you’re connecting to Strongspace with the `rsync`, `sftp` or `scp` command-line tools. This alias also works in many popular Mac SFTP clients including [ExpanDrive](, [Interarchy]( and [Transmit](