Map or Mount Amazon S3 as a Network Drive on Mac or Windows

Connecting to Amazon S3

ExpanDrive has fantastic support for the Amazon S3 API, letting you connect directly to AWS or any number of S3-compatible storage services like Dream Objects, Digital Ocean Spaces or Wasabi. On S3 your files and folders are stored inside top-level folders called buckets that are uniquely named throughout all of S3. You and a friend cannot both have a bucket named “documents”.

Configuring ExpanDrive for Amazon S3 storage

    1. From the ExpanDrive window, click on large plus button to create a new Drive
    2. Click on Amazon S3 – you’ll now be able to enter your S3 credentials or optionally modify the server or remote path.Select drive type screenshot
    3. Configure the fields as described in the table below.Select drive type, S3, screenshot
ServerModify this value only if you want to connect to an S3-compatible service like Wasabi or Digital Ocean. Otherwise the default value of will be used
Access Key IDYour S3 access key ID or username from an S3-compatible service.
Note: It is highly recommended to use the access key ID of an Amazon IAM User rather than your AWS root account access keys.
Secret Access KeyThe secret key component used to sign requests to S3.
NicknameOptional nickname to identify the connection, this will show up as the volume label on the mounted drive.
Remote pathBucket that you would like to access on Amazon S3.
Every object stored in Amazon S3 is contained in a bucket. Buckets partition the namespace of objects stored in Amazon S3 at the top level.
For example, to connect ExpanDrive a bucket named “expandrive9” set “expandrive9” in the remote path
  1. Click on Save.
  2. Click on Connect.

ExpanDrive connects to the service and Finder or Explorer will open showing you the contents of your account or the bucket you specified.