ExpanDrive 3.0.3039

ExpanDrive 3.0.3039 is out. It’s a minor update with mostly bug fixes but a few notable new features. The Windows client now supports multiple instances in a terminal server environment and the Google Drive protocol will show you “Shared with Me” items as a folder in your root drive.

[NEW] Shared with Me folder now visible for Google Drive
[NEW] [windows] Support for multiple users in Windows Server environments
[NEW] Dropbox for business authentication
[NEW] Support tested for Oracle Cloud storage
[FIXED] Further Openstack Keystone improvements
[FIXED] Google Drive supports folders with large numbers of files better
[FIXED] First drive is always selected in UI on startup
[FIXED] Non-ascii usernames are now better supported in Dropbox
[FIXED] [windows] ExpanDrive doesn’t show the manager when being launched at login
[FIXED] [windows] Better support for windows username with non-ascii characters
[FIXED] [windows] Window position restore now correclty detects if monitor geometry or multimon has changed. No more hidden windows.
[CHANGED][mac] By default ExpanDrive no longer shows up in the dock on Mac