ExpanDrive 6 – The Fastest, most Powerful ExpanDrive ever

We are very excited to release ExpanDrive 6. It includes our multi-threaded Strongsync transfer engine which is up to 500% faster. It also adds an awesome offline-sync mode and support for BackBlaze B2 and Google Team Drive. We’ve dramatically improved our user interface, adding context menus, transfer badges, search, file versioning, link-sharing and a fully integrated file browser.

Download ExpanDrive 6

This update is available to all existing customers for $24.95 through the end of July and free to try. If you bought ExpanDrive in the past 4 months your key has been upgraded for free. We’re providing an additional launch-week discount of 20% off everything including multi-user packs.

All new User Interface

  • Fast server-side search
  • View old file versions
  • Easily get shared links
  • Built-in file browser
  • Integrated context menus and transfer badges

Super-fast Strongsync transfers

  • Multi-threaded transfer, up to 500% faster
  • Sync files and folders for offline access
  • Google Team Drive & BackBlaze B2
  • All-new SFTP & FTP engine
  • Support for SMB/Windows file sharing

Enterprise and Linux Edition

ExpanDrive can be fully customized or white labeled to deploy onto your service or environment including multi-user or virtualized servers. We will also be shipping a linux-server edition in late 2017, finally.