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ExpanDrive v4.1.4

ExpanDrive v4.1.4 is out on the auto-updater fixing a variety of small issues and improving other bits and pieces. Thanks to all our users who have helped provide valuable feedback and integration testing. I’m including the release notes from the last few builds in this post as well since we decided not to post about those minor updates on this blog.

  • New in v4.1.4
  • NEWImprovements to detecting new/deleted files on remote server
  • NEWImproved support for Textmate 2
  • FIXEDFixed support for very large S3 listings
  • FIXED[Windows] Fixed non-password auth changing in new SFTP Drives
  • FIXEDImproved support for non-ascii characters on google drive
  • New in v4.1.3
  • FIXED[Windows] Fixed SFTP authentication issue
  • FIXEDFixed issue renaming folders in Box/Dropbox
  • New in v4.1.2
  • NEWBackground write size increased to files of 600M
  • NEWS3 mime-types are set based on extension
  • FIXED[Windows] Fixed issue affecting SFTP saves on Sublime Text 3
  • FIXED[Mac] Fixed alignment of non-retina icons
  • FIXEDImproved connection error messages
  • CHANGED[Windows] UI now movable, remembers place between opens.
  • CHANGED[Windows] Improvements in creating and distinguishing multiple drives of the same type.
  • New in v4.1.1
  • FIXEDFixed issue affecting SFTP file creates
  • New in v4.1
  • NEWSupport for Google Cloud storage
  • NEWRemote change detection and updates
  • FIXEDMany small bug fixes and improvements since initial 4.0 release