ExpanDrive v4.1.9

ExpanDrive v4.1.9 is out on the auto-updater. Most notably it fixes an issue that cropped up on the Mac with Dropbox authentication. Upcoming v4.2 will add OneDrive for Business and Azure support as well as improve the write-behind cache further. I’m also including notes from v4.1.8 because there didn’t end up being a blog post on that release.

New in v4.1.9

  • FIXED [Mac] Dropbox authentication now fixed
  • FIXED OneDrive renaming and moving now correctly works
  • FIXED [Mac] larger operation timeout on Mac to avoid certain -36 errors from finder
  • CHANGED [Mac] No longer install into ~/Applications, prefer /Applications
  • CHANGED [Windows] Compatible with OpenSSH 6.6 key-exchange algorithms

New in v4.1.8

  • NEW Support for OS X Yosemite Dark Mode
  • NEW Support for displaying account quota as free space on Dropbox/Google Drive/Box/Swift
  • NEW OS 10.6 re-introduced due to popular demand
  • NEW Reconnect at login now happens quietly, no notifications or reveal
  • NEW [Windows] SFTP keep-alive packets now sent every 60 seconds on both Windows and Mac
  • FIXED [Windows] .tmp/.swp files sometimes not getting cleaned up in editors has been fixed
  • FIXED [Windows] Box.com authentication fixed in certain scenarios on Windows
  • FIXED Dropbox folder creation fixed
  • CHANGED Larger write-back cache, 5GB