ExpanDrive v7.0.12

ExpanDrive 7 has been updated to v7.0.12 – It fixes a number of issues with Azure Storage, B2 connectivity and improvements to OneDrive and Sharepoint connections. Additionally it adds support for command-line interaction.

Usage: expandrive [options]

  -V, – version            output the version number
  -m, – mount [name]       Mount Drive
  -e, – eject [name]       Eject Drive
  -d, – destroy [name]     Destroy bookmark
  -a, – activate [serial]  Activate ExpanDrive License
  -c, – create [url]       Create SFTP/FTP/S3/WebDAV connection
  -h, – help               output usage information

On Mac you want to call into the bundle to get to the command-line binary – ExpanDrive.app/Contents/MacOS/ExpanDrive. We will make an option to link a global shortcut to this soon.

You can grab it on the auto updater or over at our ExpanDrive 7 page.