Map Google Drive as a Network Drive

Google Drive provides a backup and sync client forfor Mac and Windows that lets you sync the contents of your Drive to your desktop. But ExpanDrive is a special kind of Google Drive client that lets you map Google Drive as a drive letter on Windows 7 through Windows 11 and on macOS. It connects directly to Google via their API and provides you with a virtual shared drive.

Download ExpanDrive for free

ExpanDrive lets you turn Google Drive into an actual shared drive. This has a number of advantages. First, you don’t have to sync in the entire library of content to actually use it. If your laptop only has 128G of storage, it’s pretty hard to make good use of a 10TB Google Drive account.

First Download ExpanDrive for Mac or Windows and install it. ExpanDrive sits in the system tray near your clock – just like the Google Drive client. Next you add a new Google Drive to ExpanDrive, click connect – and you’re done. You can now access Google Drive as a virtual drive from within any application on your Mac or PC. For more detailed instructions, check out our documentation on how to Map Google Drive as a drive using ExpanDrive.