Map or Mount Amazon Drive as a Network Drive on Mac or Windows

Amazon Drive is Amazon’s consumer oriented file sharing and backup option. It’s not the same as S3, which is part of their cloud computing platform. While Amazon does have sync clients available, ExpanDrive is a special type Amazon Drive client that runs as a mountable network drive on macOS or Windows. ExpanDrive lets you map Amazon Drive as a fast network drive Windows 7 through Windows 10 as well as Windows server and macOS 10.9 and newer.


Watch this video on YouTube.

ExpanDrive lets you map Amazon Drive as a network shared drive on Mac or Windows. You can browse and access your account without needing to first sync your files, which takes up time and space on your laptop. Just access what you need, when you need it, from within any app like Finder, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or whatever you use. Everything is safely in the cloud but not taking up space on your computer. Isn’t that the point of cloud storage anyways?

Download ExpanDrive for free – supports Mac & Windows