Support for WebDAV

ExpanDrive 3 Development build 3016 adds yet another highly requested feature – WebDAV. WebDAV is a very popular protocol used to help power Microsoft Sharepoint and a raft of other online storage services such such as iDisk/Mobile Me and Golden Frog Dumptruck, one of our favorites.

While Mac and Windows both have built in support for WebDAV it’s usually quite slow and clunky. We’ve given WebDAV the ExpanDrive treatment – extremely fast and reliable. That being said, this support is still fairly new and will likely need some revisions to improve compatibility across the wide variety of WebDAV implementations in the wild.

Please send all feedback to rather than leaving a blog comment.

Windows – Download and Release notes
Mac – Download and Release notes

  • NEWAdded support for WebDAV and WebDAV over HTTPS.
  • NEWDramatically improved metadata responsiveness for S3/Swift/DreamObjects/Rackspace
  • fixedFixed support for OpenStack Swift Storage. using swauth