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An amazing Box Drive client for macOS and Apple Silicon

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Requires macOS

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An amazing, first-of-its-kind, macOS File Provider.

Easily the most advanced file transfer app for macOS. Native on-demand sync and search inside every single app on your Mac.
Browse and access every file without taking up hard drive space.

Revolutionary macOS File Provider

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macOS provides revolutionary technology that enables kernel-level on-demand file sync. Strongsync is the first app to implement a File Provider that lets you access and browse cloud storage without taking up disk space. When you open or access files APFS triggers Strongsync to download only the content you want, on demand.

Deeply integrated server-side search

Strongsync fully integrates with Spotlight search for content you've previously browsed along with a comprehensive full-library search inside the main user interface. Quickly find what you want by a rapid search through the remote names.

For help installing or uninstalling please visit ourdocumentation.

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