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ExpanDrive for Windows and Linux servers.

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Expandrive Server Edition

Cloud storage for Servers Cloud storage for Servers

$ exfs --help

ExpanDrive 7.6.3
ExpanDrive [OPTION...]

--help                  Print help
--config                Launch web-based user-interface
--list                  List all configured connections
--foreground            Keep exfs in the foreground
--sync                  Enable sync write operations
--register license_key  Install license key
--trial email           Request 7 day trial license
--mount drive_name      Mount a drive
--unmount drive_name    Unmount a drive
--unmount-all           Unmount all drives

Bridge the gap between the filesystem and cloud storage for your server. Access remote storage without needing to sync, as a network filesystem on Linux or Windows Server.

Designed as a system service Designed as a system service

Designed as a system service

Run ExpanDrive as a system service for unattended or headless installations on Windows and Linux. You can mount a drive for all users of the system, including system processes. Additionally, on Windows you can easily re-share cloud storage via SMB on the network making your drives available to other users.

Multi-user file locking Multi-user file locking

Multi-user file locking

ExpanDrive now propagates lock files in Microsoft Office documents across the cloud. If a user is editing an Office document, other users will only be able to open that document read-only until the editing user closes it.

Connect to any Cloud

Connect to any Cloud

Connect to all major cloud storage providers, or your own server. With a single app you can connect to:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive and Google Team Drives
  • Box
  • OneDrive and OneDrive for Business
  • Sharepoint
  • Nextcloud
  • Wasabi
  • Backblaze B2
  • SMB/Windows File Sharing
  • Amazing Reviews

    Allan Odgaard

    “ExpanDrive lets you mount remote sftp drives and it actually works! I.e. no long delays or dropped connection in the middle of a save.”

    Allan Odgaard, TextMate

    John Gruber

    “My first impression after reading ExpanDrive’s promotional description last week was that it sounded too good to be true. One week later, I’m pretty sure it actually is that good.”

    John Gruber, Daring Fireball

    Cloud storage in every application

    Cloud storage in every application

    Add cloud storage, like Google, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Sharepoint, and more to every application on your computer. ExpanDrive builds a secure connection from the filesystem to the cloud. Open, edit, and save files to remote computers from within your favorite programs — even when they are on a server half a world away.

    Super-fast background uploads Super-fast background uploads

    Super-fast background uploads

    ExpanDrive has multi-threaded connection engine that is up to 500% faster that previous version. ExpanDrive performs parallel transfers in the background so that you have a reliable transfer even in the face of unreliable internet. Keep working and stop waiting for transfers to complete.

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