ExpanDrive Maps OneDrive as a Drive

ExpanDrive is a special type OneDrive and OneDrive for Business client that lets you connect via a fast network drive. This means you can browse, upload or edit files on OneDrive directly from within Finder, Explorer, or any application on your machine. OneDrive shows up just like a shared drive right in Finder or Explorer.

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Version 6.4.5 for macOS and Windows
Released Feb 15th, 2019

ExpanDrive for Linux is currently in public beta.

OneDrive Files on demand for Mac and Windows

ExpanDrive lets you access all of OneDrive without using any hard drive space. Everything is accessed on demand when you need it. What good is unlimited storage your only supportedĀ mechanism move data is via sync. Using Sync to move your data means you need to pick a folder that mirrors your OneDrive account and then keep a copy of all that data on your machine. So unless your laptop has a 10TB hard drive you can’t fully sync your account. With ExpanDrive you access only what you need, when you need it.

System Requirements

ExpanDrive supports macOS 10.9 or newer, Linux and Microsoft Windows 7 through Windows 10. Windows Server is also supported as well as RDP/Terminal services environments. ExpanDrive can isolate multiple users logged into the same machine so they each have their own view of cloud storage.