Multiple Google Drive accounts on macOS and Windows (2023)

ExpanDrive is a powerful client that lets you connect 2 or even multiple Google Drive accounts at the same time on macOS and Windows and Linux. Google’s Backup and Sync client and File Stream client are only able to connect to a single Google WorkSpace account.

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Version 2023.4.1 for Mac, Windows and Linux
April 10th, 2023

Connect Two Google Drive Accounts at once

Many users have a Google Workspace account for work or school as well as a personal one. With multiple accounts your only option to move data in and out of both of those is using the browser. This might be fine for occasional use, but any serious user relies on native access to their files. Also, using a sync-style client has the additional issue of eating up valuable hard drive space storing files you might not need, or need infrequently.

Easily connect two Google Drive accounts at the sametime

Map a specific Team Drive

In addition to connecting multiple drives, ExpanDrive lets you connect to specific team drives alongside your primary account. This is handy for users who only do work inside a certain team drive and don’t need visibility into the rest of the organization’s data hierarchy.

Set Team Drives/Drive Name in the remote path to mount a team drive
Browse the content of a single team drive alongside another Google Drive account

Access multiple Google Drive Accounts on demand without sync

ExpanDrive is a special kind of Google Drive client that lets you access multiple Google Drive accounts as a fast network drive. You can even mount a specific Team Site or a subfolder within your account. ExpanDrive securely connects via the Google API. You can connect as many accounts on one machine as you want. All of the files are accessed without needing to sync down the content.

Learn how to connect to multiple google drive accounts

It’s easy as authenticating multiple accounts and assigning them unique nicknames, give it a try for free.

System Requirements

ExpanDrive supports macOS 10.12 or newer and a wide variety of Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Centos, Fedora, Redhat, and more. Learn more about how to install ExpanDrive for Linux here.

ExpanDrive runs on Microsoft Windows 7 through Windows 10. Windows Server 2012+ is also supported as well as RDP/Terminal services environments. ExpanDrive can isolate multiple users logged into the same machine so they each have their own view of cloud storage.